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World Class Supplements For The Modern Dog

We create research based nutritional pet products with premium ingredients.

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Breakthroughs in nutritional research are no longer a myth of science fiction but scientific fact.

Pupper makes first-of-their-kind health products and technologies backed by real science and a real love for pups.

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Our Mission: Backed By Science
Our Mission: Backed By Science

Your canine's health can be incredibly complex and difficult to understand. Our goal is to arm dog owners with the necessary information they need to make the best decision for their pups.

We believe that good products starts with good ingredients. Every step of the supply chain have been vetted.Your pup deserves the best.

A compromised immune system means vulnerability.

Joint pain can be seen in dogs of all breeds and ages.

A dog's anxiety is a natural response.

The immune system consists of a network of white blood cells, antibodies, and other substances that fight off infections and reject foreign invaders. In addition, the immune system includes several organs.

Some, such as the thymus gland and the bone marrow, are the sites where white blood cells are produced. Others, including the spleen and lymph nodes, trap microorganisms and foreign substances and provide a place for immune system cells to collect, interact with each other and with foreign substances, and generate an immune response.

Developmental joint problems are caused by improper development of the joints while your dog is young, which is often rooted in their genetics, and may result in more serious injuries like hip or elbow dysplasia. These issues are present in your pup from the outset. 

Many dog breeds, particularly large and giant dogs, are predisposed to painful joint issues.

The fight, flight, or freeze reaction is a healthy and necessary survival tool that’s activated in response to a real threat—but when this reaction takes place in anticipation of something that can’t do actual harm.

Our calming soft chew supplement is made from all-natural ingredients that are designed to calm your pup and ease the stress.


Our subscription plans are our most cost effective option. You get 20% off of your order and you can adjust the renewal timeframe at your whim. Want to skip a shipment? Easy, just click a few buttons. Want our products to be delievered every 2 weeks? Every 2 months? Every third of the month? We've got you.

For domestic orders, we take 1-2 days to process orders, then another 3-5 days for shipping. For international orders, we take 1-2 days to process and up to 2 weeks for shipping depending on where you are located.

We primarily use USPS or UPS, depending on your location.

While our supplements are safe and can usually be used with other supplements, we still encourage you to consult a veterinarian. Our supplements can be combined with each other. Please follow the dosage instructions for each specific supplement.

  • All Pupper products can be purchased directly from our website and are not currently available in any retail stores. We can ship anywhere in the world.